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We are flexible and offer quality cost effective solutions.

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Bwosi investments is a supplier of measurement devices and system solutions. We have a broad product range, the know how and required personnel to provide solutions for measurement especially in logistics.
Our wide range of products guarantees our ability to service your orders and provide advice on the best solutions requited by our customers. We are flexible and offer quality cost effective solutions.
Rogers sultani, CEO
Rogers sultani

Reasons for choosing us.


We have specialized for years in the distribution measurement equipment and system solutions. For this we have the products and target group-specific know-how, personnel requirements and the necessary technical equipment. With our product range we cover a large part of the approach supported by tasks and problems. We are big enough to offer ready-made solutions, small enough to thereby remain flexible and cost-effective. The focus of our efforts is always the customer. We focus exclusively on their needs and wishes, while we always strive for the most economical measurement method for our client. We are committed to a harmonious, long-term cooperation on a partnership basis on honesty.The essential requirements that we consider for this are absolute reliability and punctuality, thorough work and creative alternatives in the solution of a measurement and control engineering.


Long-term, continuous and trusting relationship is the foundation of a successful business. For this reason, we attach great importance to ensuring that the products sold by us meet the high quality standards of our customers. Our partners are certified according to the quality assurance system ISO 9000. The existing product range is constantly updated with new products and thus brought up to date. We are constantly looking for innovative technologies that we find some at fairs or in the relevant literature in order to offer our customers at home and abroad is an interesting and versatile sales program. If a task should exceed our capability, we help find the right partner. Even after the purchase, we offer our customers expert advice and service - a service that is right at the top. We also perform repairs and calibrations of measuring instruments.

Market Areas and Applications

The Africa Market is one of our most important sales areas, We are currently focusing on East Africa but expanding into the other regions gradually. The applications of our devices extend from test, measure and save up to document physical, chemical or electrical devices like Temperature, pressure, flow, pH, conductivity, pulse, current, by GMS, GPS. Regarding the next question for our sectors and industries, there are almost no limitations. In recent years, we specialized in data acquisition and presentation in the transport of temperature-controlled goods, our devices work in refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers and refrigerated warehouses; all around the world.

Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field.
Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Brenda Bwosi
Elizabeth Bwosi<
Lennox Bwosi

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