Temperature Controlled Logistics

Biological Sample Shipping Service

We reperesent Marken in Kenya and Tanzania for the shipping of biological samples.

Marken provides a globally coordinated, full range, biological sample retrieval and delivery service.

This includes the distribution of biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines, proteins, peptides, hormones and antibodies and distribution of bio-samples and bio-products of human origin such as blood, tissues and cells.

Services include:

  • Investigator starter packs, either electronic or manual, which are customized for each protocol, trial and client and translated if applicable
  • Temperature controlled packaging, including dry ice supply service when required, to meet required temperature specifications for biological sample shipments
  • Pre-trial training for investigator sites in local languages which covers printing airway bills, proper shipment packaging, how to handle dangerous goods and white glove services where specified
  • Marken ensures the temperature stability of each shipment using the latest monitoring and packaging available in the industry
  • Regulatory and Customs support to quickly navigate shipments through the often complicated clearance process
    Assistance with government agency compliance in order to handle controlled substances, infectious material, radio labeled materials and other dangerous goods