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At Logicool ltd we are in the business of cold rooms construction, refrigeration servicing and maintenance. I recommend Bwosi investment for their wonderful products we have been using to the satisfaction of our customers. Their customer service is first class and are able to meet deadlines which is key to our industry. Thanks Bwosi for being such a reliable partner. Charles Kagiri logicool ltd

Charles Kagiri Logicool ltd

ABF United Co. Ltd,is an export company specialized in perishables especially meat products to the Middle East Countries. Due customer demands and lease of agreement on temperature monitoring and tracking, BWOSI INVESTMENT has been our supplier of quality single-use Temperature Loggers since we started. Besides supply, they have been reliable in responding to any querries concerning the use of item/product purchased through training. We can recommend them to any company,individual or Organisation for any cold chain products, querries and training.

Paul Shikokoti ABF United Co. Ltd

Imperial Managed Solutions EA. distributes cold chain pharmaceuticals to East African region and beyond. We have been using temperature monitoring devices from Bwosi Investments since 2014. Bwosi Investments has been a valuable partner in enabling Imperial deliver vaccines to health facilities in reliable manner ensuring efficacy of vaccines to the children and patients accross the region. We highly recomend TMDs from Bwosi to all the pharmaceutical distributors within the region.

Geoffrey Emungat Imperial Logistics

I highly recommend Bwosi investment our reliable supplier of quality temperature monitoring devices which come with calibration certificates . Bwosi investment will not only supply temperature products but they provide training to end users of the products supplied and always available to provide user support to customers .Moreover they guide customers on appropriator temperature device to use where a customer is not sure .

Josephine Kesusu DNDi

Perishable movements Kenya Ltd is a freight forwarding agent specialised in exports of fresh farm produce to EU and middle East markets. To attain quality and cool chain of our products, we use temperature data loggers which are mainly outsourced and supplied by Bwosi investments. We've been using this services since early 2019 and it has deemed satisfactory.

Benjamin Mambili Perishable movements Kenya Ltd

Yes indeed we use the multi-use temperature monitors in our cold chain transportation/exportation of our clients vaccines with lots of success, This adds a lot value and make us very professional and quite unique in our way of cold supply chain management. We always procure them from Bwosi and so do strongly recommend Bwosi investments for their genuine and 1st class quality cold chain management equipments. Keep it up. With Bwosi you are assured.

Jonathan Gichoni Unick Company Ltd

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